Star Wars: Dragons

E04S06: The Virus & the Stash
Wherein nothing is made clear.


When last we left our intrepid heroes…

  • GL-33 is in the medbay attending to the injured Dragons;
  • Yuri is heading to the medbay under guard to assist GL-33;
  • Ohmin is skulking around the mansion dressed as a security officer.



  • Ohmin explores this lower floor, which has a more spartan feel to it like a barracks or storage warehouse. There are more guards way down the nearest T intersection, patrolling but not on high alert. He comes to Storage Bay 23, which he slices into by using the same keycode he previously established.
  • The storage bay is a temperature-controlled warehouse full of large glass cylinders kept chill but not cold.


  • Yuri arrives at the lab to find Una and GL-33 by a bacta tank containing Reese. The problem seems to be that he has suffered enough damage that the neural interface with his cybernetics keeps rebooting itself, which will result in seizures if they do not fix it. They require Yuri’s expertise in cybernetics. The prosthetics start functioning, but begin a feedback loop that cascades into a seizure within 2 minutes. They discovered this when turning on the ocular implant to test for interference and the cascade began in that eye, but was originating in his shoulder as well, resulting in all cybernetics needing to be turned off. Cybernetics not being her forte (immunology, pharmacology, and perceptive cognition are her specialties), she noted the cascade failure but couldn’t diagnose it. GL-33 noticed it was happening elsewhere, but Una neglected to credit him.
  • GL-33 notes that Una did not perform any diagnostics, instead handling the situation like a trauma medic. This is not necessarily bad; it’s simply true. He suggests that Yuri start with operational procedures. The duo begin working together, with Yuri plugging in diagnostics and GL-33 probing responses to feed information. They realize that this is not accidental; something in the shrapnel was deliberately infected with with programming to incite feedback loops into automata to disable them. It would shut down a droid, computer, or sentinel turret, and apparently also cybernetics.
  • The easy solution would be to isolate the virus into one cybernetic system and wall it off, with the more difficult complete solution being extraction. The arm is the better choice as a test (since the eye is connected directly to the brain).
  • The duo examine the shrapnel to determine the nature of the virus. It appears to have been a fragmentation grenade engineered to disable technology. It’s a simple concept, clever but crude. The range is within a couple of inches of the blast, and excising the virus should take roughly a day and a half.


  • The cylinders in Storage Bay 23 contain cultures of ryll spice. This is a refinery, and the goods are very expensive. Ohmin realizes that he is most definitely on multiple security cameras and being monitored, if not actively viewed as doing something inappropriate. He patrols the storage area nonchalantly so as not to look suspicious, and is commed by Yuri in order to talk strategy.
  • Ohmin performs a security analysis, determining that security is not military-tight, but is tight enough for its type and better than a Rebel base (money talks). Security from the outside is strong, as Nar Shaddaa attacks are generally lightning-fast (and unbelievably common) and the team has responded swiftly to this one. Internal threats are more problematic, as reactive protection is strong but proactive security is limited by the sheer size of the manor.
  • Yuri deduces that Kodha, Banwadi, and Siwelhi all knew the Dragons were on the veranda, whereas Una would not have known. Due to the nature of the attack, he deduces that whoever planned the attack was not planning to damage the structure or personnel; the attack as designed could only be effective if the target was present and unprotected. Whoever attacked had the goal of killing or disabling people actively on the deck, with no other goal (as nothing else could have been accomplished). Two turrets and a local shield generator were taken out in the attack.
  • Ohmin decides to track down Banwadi, as he seems to be the biggest suspect in the attack.
  • Ohmin determines that the security system is tracking everyone of interest in the building, but Ohmin has shed his own tracker somewhere and it believes he is still in the guest suite.
E04S05: Creeping Through a Mansion
A mystery with just a hint of fungal tang.




  • Yuri and Ohmin’s guest quarters are finely decorated and very comfortable, including a guest terminal, entertainment, and refreshments. They are not locked in; when Ohmin checks the door there are no guards in the hallway. Therefore, they both head out stealthily to look around.
  • Coming to a T intersection, the duo split up. Ohmin heads left and finds an unusual door offset from the standard guest grid. He tells Yuri to look for a panel, but Yuri does not hear, having already traveled outside of hearing range.
  • Yuri runs into a pair of Nikto guards who ask if he’s lost. Yuri plays dumb, but the guards politely override his act and let him know they’ll be escorting him back to his room.
  • Ohmin can see (but not hear) the exchange. He finds an ident card reader and access panel, which he successfully slices to find that security is investigating the attack and trying to determine who is responsible, noting that two of Big Lash’s children had been present at or around the site.
  • Yuri, given the choice between being escorted to his room or a security warren, opts for his rooms. One of the guards escorts him back.
  • Meanwhile, at the medlab, GL-33 coms Yuri to request being tied into the robit network.
  • Ohmin opens the security door and enters a utliity stairwell.
  • GL-33 is handling medical matters in the medbay when Una bluntly asks what happened. He answers briefly but honestly, with Una asking how long the firefight lasted. He tells her it was brief, and suggests that the attackers had been waiting for a signal, a theory she herself had come to. She states that there is surveilance on all levels, and while she cannot interfere with their duties, she’ll see to it that he’s among the first to know what they find.
  • Ohmin determines that the stairs up are to more residential quarters, while those down are for maintenance and tech. He heads downwards, but hears security moving around on lower levels. The area is dim and spartan but clean. He goes cautiously, finding an equipment bay on the next landing. He gathers up some riot gear from a nearby locker and suits up.
  • Hacking another terminal, Ohmin finds himself in a live briefly with 4 security leads discussing the situation, not in heavy gear. Ohmin manages to convincingly play along as “Devrak”, a security captain, and is asked to check in with the guests who seem to be outside their quarters.
  • Yuri patches GL-33 into the robits, and GL-33 accesses their information. The Roach knows the skiff crashed and was surrounded by security, with no survivors among the attackers. There were at least 2 unidentified radio broadcasts outbound from the area. The Bee smells aliens, outside smells, ozone, spice, but also ultraviolet signifiers seen through only certain types of optics, with a pattern covering the balcony.
E04S04: A Vista to Die For
Why do we always get shot at?




  • Sulen introduces the crew as the new Dragons, leading Big Lash to start talking about his own days as a Dragon and his lack of faith in the Force. He tells the crew to feel free to call him Gual’ta.

Script for “And There I Was”

  • Kodha requests the communique, which Reese hands over. He then requests the key phrase and the additional codes given to each of the Dragons, entering them successfully into the datapad.
  • Siwelhi offers everyone a drink, but Gual’ta interrupts, demanding to know why they’ve come. Midway through his tirade he stops, breathless, and seems to be overcome by an ailment. Kodha states he has things in hand regarding Big Lash’s medicine, and Siwelhi leads the group to a turbolift, leaving her brother and father behind.


  • Siwelhi and Sulen discuss Gual’ta’s deteriorating health. The group arrives on a terrace overlooking Nar Shaddaa.
  • Banwadi is present, smoking some sort of spice narcotic. The group notices him after a moment, and he sarcastically engages with them briefly before wandering off. Siwelhi notes that she took over the spice trade from her brother because “he was snorting all of our profits”.
  • Reese starts in about why the Dragons have come, but a hoverskiff is zooming toward the balcony. The players brace for an attack, with GL-33 activating his shield. Reese kicks over a table and shields Siwelhi with his body when the blaster fire begins.
  • The skiff swings around to broadside the group, but Ohmin takes careful aim with his pistol and blows off the pilot’s head, sending the skiff plummeting to the street where it explodes on impact. Yuri’s sniffer bee robit returns with data, undamaged.
  • Braarf has been hit twice, but is still standing. Alif has been clipped by shrapnel and is unconscious. Reese has been hit three times, and while Siwelhi is fine, Reese is unconscious. Braarf picks him up up while the others assist with moving Alif, with Siwelhi leading the way to the compound’s medical facility.


  • In the turbolift to the medbay, Siwelhi quickly posits that the attack was likely by Morghu kajidic, with whom Rethwi is currently engaged in a shadow war.
  • Upon entering the medbay doctors and medical droids immediately take over, having been forewarned of the incoming casualties. Alif is placed on a medical bed for assessment; Braarf is led off by droids for first aid bacta patches.
  • A twi’lek doctor examines Reese and declares that he needs a bacta tank immediately, instructing her assistants to strip down his cybernetics in preparation for immersion. Yuri and GL-33 handle this expertly, and the doctor expresses her approval and states that she is impressed with their knowledge.
  • The medbay itself appears very expensive — private investor-grade equipment, meticulously clean and maintained — with about a quarter of the space devoted to treatment and the rest set up for pharmaceutical testing. The equipment present is remarkably expensive.
  • The doctor introduces herself as Una Rethwi, a medical doctor and pharmacologist, and asks what occurred, with the group providing their explanation.
  • Yuri inquires about Big Lash’s medical condition and medications, to which Una confirms that she is her father’s physician. When Yuri’s questions take on a more overt tone, Una promptly cuts the line of questioning short while asserting she is not interested in defending her practice to strangers.
  • GL-33 heads off unobserved and communicates with a 2-1B droid to inquire about Big Lash. The droid responds that it can transmit those files in 18 minutes.
  • Una requests everyone return to quarters while she tends to her patients. When everyone begins posturing like they’re going to argue, she says the following:

“I am the doctor; this is my hospital. This is not a visiting room; this is a surgical room. We do not allow guests or visitors in the surgical room. I understand that these are your friends. One of you can stay. The rest of you must go. I am going to tend to my patients and then speak with my sister. I am not brooking any response to this other than, “Thank you, ma’am. Please take care of them, doctor”. Decide now or you all leave."

  • GL-33 is chosen to stay, and Una asks him to attend to Alif. He has no blaster burns, but is suffering from a concussion. GL-33 prescribes treatment to the medical droids before joining Una to assist with Reese.
  • Sulen leads Ohmin and Yuri away, explaining that the Rethwis are tough to deal with and apologizes, then asks if they recognized anyone from the skiff. The attackers seemed to be made up of Weequay, Nikto, and Klatooinians, all commonly found as muscle for Hutts. With that said, she leads the duo to finely decorated quarters, heading off to her own usual suite.
E03X03: Braarf Bears It All
When bringing a wookie to an orgy...


“It’s so pointy.”



  • Everyone: 3 Character Points
  • Braarf: +2 for bringing the pain while babysitting
  • Jondyn: +2 for making sure the objectives were completed
  • Ohmin: +2 for bringing sexy back
  • Yuri: +2 for managing to take on the role of Daunty Rump without falling out of character
  • Dragons Account: +10k Credits
E03X02: Daunty Rump & the Boys Club
A Package Deal


“You two relax.”


E04X01 - Awakenings (Online Game)
These are not the droids you think they are.


These events take place concurrent with Episode 4: Old Friends, Act 1, Scene 2.

Maltontac, outside the Briefing Room

  • Galen takes Reese aside to discuss private business while Wraiy has a quiet word with Ohmin. Braarf gets the Paramour ready for the impending trip to Nar Shaddaa.
  • An MSE droid with an idiosyncratic speech pattern urges GL-33 and Yuri to follow it deeper into the Maltontac base. They pass through numerous halls, briefly crossing paths with Forwen, before heading down a long corridor lined with well-organized but untidy piles of scrap equipment.
  • The duo are led to a sealed laboratory, and after an annoying interval with the com they realize it is Tinker’s workshop. The droid provides the passkey to unlock the door, at which point they discover Tinker distractedly at work with a bevy of droids handling tasks around the very large warehouse workspace.

Tinker’s Laboratory

  • The MSE droid leads the duo to a corner of the lab where five droids are displayed. Each droid has been catastrophically damaged in some spectacular fashion. GL-33 is led to a GL series droid that has been hacked apart by a lightsaber; meanwhile, Yuri is guided to an IG-100 series droid that has met with a thermal detonator explosion, leaving only half the torso, the head,and the left arm intact.
  • Yuri determines that the IG-100 droid has a kludged-together personality matrix which blends its original programming with a BLX labor droid, and those crossovers seem to have shorted out multiple times.
  • GL-33 realizes the GL droid is in a coma and missing vital parts of its speech systems and autonomics, preventing it from reactivating.
  • Yuri determines that there are five potential reasons for combining IG and BLX droid personalityies:
    • The maker lacked the componenets to make an IG droid to spec
    • The additional BLX database could allow for an IG droid to function as a repair unit
    • The combination could potentially allow for a functional IG droid that was not capable of violence
    • The limited personality subroutines of the IG series could be enhanced by the additional robust BLX matrices
    • Combining the two droid types potentially allows for a combination of skill sets that would increase its ability to learn new functions
  • GL-33 rounds up some destroyed GL droids and brings them back, asking Tinker about the destroyed droid. Tinker questions GL-33 about himself, then states that the droid is GL-3N, the engineer who created the positronic matrices necessary for complete Force transfer of a living being into a droid.He isn’t familiar enough with the GL series to effectively replicate the missing components.
  • Working in unison, the three technicians effect repairs on the GL unit, but even upon completion the unit will not start. Yuri determines that what is lacking is a proper passcode to wake the droid up; upon investigation, this seems to be its name (not its designation of GL-3N).
    GL-33 cannot initially remember the name, but Yuri posits that if this is truly the engineer of the Myladonian droids’ personality matricies, it would be a famous name on Myladon, along the lines of Raith Sienar or Julynn Kentas. Upon hearing this, GL-33 suggests Yuri try the name “”/characters/gl-3n" class=“wiki-content-link”>Palpatine". The code works, and the droid begins its startup routine, causing Tinker to step back and go silent.
  • While the droid boots up, it does not move or speak; instead, it inquires via Yuri’s datapad, “What happened to me?”. Yuri and GL-33 interact with the droid briefly, and Yuri determines that booting the droid via his datapad has caused the personality matrix to activate through the pad, and that the droid will activate once he breaks that connection.
  • After a brief discussion, the trio determine that they should leave the droid running but inactive. Tinker transfers the program to a stationary terminal in his laboratory, and Yuri and GL-33 resolve to inform the Rebel leaders of what they’ve uncovered, as it is possibly advantageous but also dangerous.
  • Reese contacts Yuri and GL-33 over the comlink to inform them that it is time to depart for Nar Shaddaa.
  • Tinker encourages Yuri to take the other droid with him to the Paramour, adding, “If you manage to reactivate 4Q, tell him we miss him”.


  • 3 character points to Brett and Tony for participating.


E04S03: You Know This Story (Online Game)
A Fat Man is Revealed




  • Four hours pass, and the crew returns to The Last h’Katha. Nuab’hk greets them and leads them to the back door, telling them to follow the MSE droid to where they’re going.
  • Reese brings up the matter of the package, but is told that another agent already retrieved it. He will not say whom.
  • The droid leads the group down a series of alleys, but is waylaid by a group of Weequay and Klatooinians. Their leader informs them that he knows they’re Rebels on the way to meet with Rethwi, but that the Rethwi Circuit needs to start toeing the line with the Hutts. He orders his men to take the crew out.
  • Reese momentarily intimidates the thugs, giving Ohmin time to chuck a thermal detonator at them. A shootout occurs, leaving the thugs dead save for an unconscious Klatooinian and a wounded Weequay. The leader has vanished down a side alley, and the MSE droid is broken.
  • The woman from The Last h’Katha announces her presence, revealing herself to be with Alliance Intelligence. While Yuri repairs the droid, she tells the crew to follow her to the Rethwi.
  • The group takes a magrail to Rethport, during which the woman reveals that she knows quite a bit about the Dragons, both old and new.
  • The group arrives outside of The Last Hrothgar, and enters into Porko’s Pleasure Palace, a Gamorrean brothel. After passing some truly hideous pleasure house sights — including the fabled Filthy McNasty — they go down a secret stair to a secure door guarded by Wug which leads into part of the subterranean Rethwi manse.

Script for “Funny Thing”


  • After leading the group through a number of hallways and small antechambers, Sulen tells the group to remove their shoes and hats and state their names to a security droid set into the door. After the group has done so, she identifies herself as Sulen Kain.
  • The crew enter a large, dark, domed room carpeted with sand, at the center of which is a large illuminated dais. Around the perimeter are guards and servants, and before the dais stand two twi’leks — a hooded, hunched male with a respirator strapped to his back and a beautiful young pink female with goggles on her forehead — listening to a corpulent older twi’lek, bare to the waist, who nevertheless has a handsome baby face. He is in the middle of a story about dancing naked on a table with cantina strippers.
  • Sulen introduces the crew as the new Dragons, leading Big Lash to start talking about his own days as a Dragon and his lack of faith in the Force. He tells the crew to feel free to call him Gual’ta.

Script for “And There I Was”


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