Star Wars: Dragons

E03X03: Braarf Bears It All
When bringing a wookie to an orgy...


“It’s so pointy.”



  • Everyone: 3 Character Points
  • Braarf: +2 for bringing the pain while babysitting
  • Jondyn: +2 for making sure the objectives were completed
  • Ohmin: +2 for bringing sexy back
  • Yuri: +2 for managing to take on the role of Daunty Rump without falling out of character
  • Dragons Account: +10k Credits
E03X02: Daunty Rump & the Boys Club
A Package Deal


“You two relax.”


E04X01 - Awakenings (Online Game)
These are not the droids you think they are.


These events take place concurrent with Episode 4: Old Friends, Act 1, Scene 2.

Maltontac, outside the Briefing Room

  • Galen takes Reese aside to discuss private business while Wraiy has a quiet word with Ohmin. Braarf gets the Paramour ready for the impending trip to Nar Shaddaa.
  • An MSE droid with an idiosyncratic speech pattern urges GL-33 and Yuri to follow it deeper into the Maltontac base. They pass through numerous halls, briefly crossing paths with Forwen, before heading down a long corridor lined with well-organized but untidy piles of scrap equipment.
  • The duo are led to a sealed laboratory, and after an annoying interval with the com they realize it is Tinker’s workshop. The droid provides the passkey to unlock the door, at which point they discover Tinker distractedly at work with a bevy of droids handling tasks around the very large warehouse workspace.

Tinker’s Laboratory

  • The MSE droid leads the duo to a corner of the lab where five droids are displayed. Each droid has been catastrophically damaged in some spectacular fashion. GL-33 is led to a GL series droid that has been hacked apart by a lightsaber; meanwhile, Yuri is guided to an IG-100 series droid that has met with a thermal detonator explosion, leaving only half the torso, the head,and the left arm intact.
  • Yuri determines that the IG-100 droid has a kludged-together personality matrix which blends its original programming with a BLX labor droid, and those crossovers seem to have shorted out multiple times.
  • GL-33 realizes the GL droid is in a coma and missing vital parts of its speech systems and autonomics, preventing it from reactivating.
  • Yuri determines that there are five potential reasons for combining IG and BLX droid personalityies:
    • The maker lacked the componenets to make an IG droid to spec
    • The additional BLX database could allow for an IG droid to function as a repair unit
    • The combination could potentially allow for a functional IG droid that was not capable of violence
    • The limited personality subroutines of the IG series could be enhanced by the additional robust BLX matrices
    • Combining the two droid types potentially allows for a combination of skill sets that would increase its ability to learn new functions
  • GL-33 rounds up some destroyed GL droids and brings them back, asking Tinker about the destroyed droid. Tinker questions GL-33 about himself, then states that the droid is GL-3N, the engineer who created the positronic matrices necessary for complete Force transfer of a living being into a droid.He isn’t familiar enough with the GL series to effectively replicate the missing components.
  • Working in unison, the three technicians effect repairs on the GL unit, but even upon completion the unit will not start. Yuri determines that what is lacking is a proper passcode to wake the droid up; upon investigation, this seems to be its name (not its designation of GL-3N).
    GL-33 cannot initially remember the name, but Yuri posits that if this is truly the engineer of the Myladonian droids’ personality matricies, it would be a famous name on Myladon, along the lines of Raith Sienar or Julynn Kentas. Upon hearing this, GL-33 suggests Yuri try the name “”/characters/gl-3n" class=“wiki-content-link”>Palpatine". The code works, and the droid begins its startup routine, causing Tinker to step back and go silent.
  • While the droid boots up, it does not move or speak; instead, it inquires via Yuri’s datapad, “What happened to me?”. Yuri and GL-33 interact with the droid briefly, and Yuri determines that booting the droid via his datapad has caused the personality matrix to activate through the pad, and that the droid will activate once he breaks that connection.
  • After a brief discussion, the trio determine that they should leave the droid running but inactive. Tinker transfers the program to a stationary terminal in his laboratory, and Yuri and GL-33 resolve to inform the Rebel leaders of what they’ve uncovered, as it is possibly advantageous but also dangerous.
  • Reese contacts Yuri and GL-33 over the comlink to inform them that it is time to depart for Nar Shaddaa.
  • Tinker encourages Yuri to take the other droid with him to the Paramour, adding, “If you manage to reactivate 4Q, tell him we miss him”.


  • 3 character points to Brett and Tony for participating.


E04S03: You Know This Story (Online Game)
A Fat Man is Revealed




  • Four hours pass, and the crew returns to The Last h’Katha. Nuab’hk greets them and leads them to the back door, telling them to follow the MSE droid to where they’re going.
  • Reese brings up the matter of the package, but is told that another agent already retrieved it. He will not say whom.
  • The droid leads the group down a series of alleys, but is waylaid by a group of Weequay and Klatooinians. Their leader informs them that he knows they’re Rebels on the way to meet with Rethwi, but that the Rethwi Circuit needs to start toeing the line with the Hutts. He orders his men to take the crew out.
  • Reese momentarily intimidates the thugs, giving Ohmin time to chuck a thermal detonator at them. A shootout occurs, leaving the thugs dead save for an unconscious Klatooinian and a wounded Weequay. The leader has vanished down a side alley, and the MSE droid is broken.
  • The woman from The Last h’Katha announces her presence, revealing herself to be with Alliance Intelligence. While Yuri repairs the droid, she tells the crew to follow her to the Rethwi.
  • The group takes a magrail to Rethport, during which the woman reveals that she knows quite a bit about the Dragons, both old and new.
  • The group arrives outside of The Last Hrothgar, and enters into Porko’s Pleasure Palace, a Gamorrean brothel. After passing some truly hideous pleasure house sights — including the fabled Filthy McNasty — they go down a secret stair to a secure door guarded by Wug which leads into part of the subterranean Rethwi manse.

Script for “Funny Thing”


  • After leading the group through a number of hallways and small antechambers, Sulen tells the group to remove their shoes and hats and state their names to a security droid set into the door. After the group has done so, she identifies herself as Sulen Kain.
  • The crew enter a large, dark, domed room carpeted with sand, at the center of which is a large illuminated dais. Around the perimeter are guards and servants, and before the dais stand two twi’leks — a hooded, hunched male with a respirator strapped to his back and a beautiful young pink female with goggles on her forehead — listening to a corpulent older twi’lek, bare to the waist, who nevertheless has a handsome baby face. He is in the middle of a story about dancing naked on a table with cantina strippers.
  • Sulen introduces the crew as the new Dragons, leading Big Lash to start talking about his own days as a Dragon and his lack of faith in the Force. He tells the crew to feel free to call him Gual’ta.

Script for “And There I Was”

E04S02: Shit Gets Complicated (Online Game)
Killing thugs to hide other thug-killing.




  • Back at the ship, Caleb warns the crew away from Vleen, stating that he’s meeting with an emissary from Desilijic on The Gyubdenunb and the crew should steer clear. He recommends keeping on The Paramour for the next few hours and out of sight.
  • Problematically, someone else is hanging out near The Paramour — three Desilijic thugs and a battle droid, smoking and shooting the shit. One of them sees Yuri and says, “Hey, that guy… I recognize that guy! That’s one of the guys we’re looking for!” and they draw their weapons.
  • The crew has 6 rounds to finish the fight before the Desilijic emissaries on Vleen’s ship get curious, and then two more before they poke their heads out and see what’s going on. They manage to accomplish this, kicking the crap out of the thugs. Braarf manages to rip one of the droid’s arms off and club it to (machine) death.
  • Yuri dashes onto The Paramour, running into someone claiming to be an inspector. Knowing Nar Shaddaa doesn’t have a port authority, Yuri calls the man’s bluff, disabling him with a Brown Note Grenade. Both men shit themselves, though Yuri at least is prepared for it.
  • The crew drag the bodies onto The Paramour, stowing them in some crates and closing the landing ramp.
E03S03: A New Home (Online Game)
A New Home



After leaving the New Rebellion to return to the mercenary life the Dragons Reborn seek out a new base in Ohmin’s old, abandoned outpost situated in an asteroid belt in the Mid Rim.


  • The Dragons discover the outpost is still abandoned after all this time, but the station’s droid-brain computer system, Kaz, seems a bit off.
  • Braarf, Ohmin, and Yuri head down to the outpost’s central system to investigate.
  • They discover that the droid-brain is actually being run by two strangers that have hid in the central system to try and hide their presence and whatever they came to the outpost to do.
  • A third stranger attacks the Dragons by throwing a thermal detonator which Braarf throws back.
  • After seeing this and having a short battle the two others surrender to the Dragons.
  • Yuri restores Kaz back to working order.


  • The two guys in the central system are revealed (after some interrogation) to be brothers working for the third man, Notch Armin, who was killed by the detonator.
  • They were all working for someone the brothers only knew as ‘Mint’ who had them dropped off at the outpost so they could retrofit the central system to allow for an external propulsion system to be added to the outpost.
  • They tell the Dragons that Mint and his crew will be back soon with the hardware and will be expecting to talk to Notch when they arrive…


  • Everyone: 2 Character Points
E04S01: Old Friends (In-Person Game)
In which we fix a damaged friendship.



  • The crew is chewed out by Leia & Ether for the destruction of Corsin, going off-mission, and leaving Jondyn behind. They are told to get out of sight for a while, as their reputations have suffered a heavy blow and many Rebels blame them for what happened.



  • After the debriefing, Galen comes to the crew and asks them to follow him to a small conference room. In attendance are Ji and Doc from the Dragons, and Wraiy Frubhoy, one of the last surviving Dragons Beta and now the Senior Strategist of Rebel Intelligence. Ji and Doc are sitting at the conference table, whereas Wraiy is leaning against a wall, looking impatient.
  • The small council enlists the group in a mission that will hopefully repair their reputations and get them back in the good graces of the Rebellion. The mission is to make contact with Big Lash, leader of the Rethwi Circuit crime syndicate on Nar Shaddaa. Big Lash is an ally of the Rebellion who provides goods and intelligence, but has become unreliable of late.
  • The group must also meet with Vleen, who has his own business on Nar Shaddaa with the Desilijic kajidic (Jabba’s crime family) stemming from the Paramour crew invading his palace and stealing two of his trophies.
  • The group is advised to meet with Vleen on Nar Shaddaa (and remind him to return his ship, the Sullustan light freighter Gyubdenunb, which is on loan from the Rebels to transport goods while the Dragons Reborn use the Paramour for adventuring purposes.
  • After meeting with Vleen, they are to make their way to The Last h’Katha in the Bedhii district, and make contact with Nuab’hk, the bartender. They are to order an Old Republic (“Restored”) as the call sign and await instructions as to how to meet with Big Lash.

Script for “Good Money After Bad”


  • Galen takes Reese aside regarding a personal matter: the retrieval of a package from Nuab’hk, the bartender at the Last h’Katha. He gives Reese a payment voucher and states that the item isn’t large and won’t require any looking after.
  • Wraiy approaches Ohmin and speaks to him on the common ground of both being realists. He advises Ohmin that if he can’t get through to Big Lash, his daughter Una may be their best shot at fixing the relationship, though she’s difficult to deal with and he doesn’t trust her (though he distrusts Kodha, the eldest son, more).

Script for “Private Business”


  • Galen sees the crew off with a few last words to remind them that they owe Big Lash and he’s an old friend, despite Wraiy’s bitterness about him. He expresses a personal concern that the problem may actually be some sort of threat to Big Lash himself.
  • The crew heads to Nar Shaddaa, briefly discussing the situation amongst themselves.

Script for “Transit Blues”



  • Nar Shaddaa, Bedhii Port. The Paramour lands at Docking Bay 16, securing a berth next to The Gyebedunb, the Sullustan light freighter currently on loan to Vleen. Vleen is waiting in the cargo bay, along with Alif and Caleb.
  • Vleen explains that the crew is in a bind: One of Jabba’s bounty hunters suspects that Vleen may have been involved in the theft of two of his carbonite captives, but can’t prove it (or even provide specific evidence of it). Unfortunately, this isn’t a court of law, but a criminal enterprise, so Jabba has called in a debt against Vleen’s clan, to be paid in full. Vleen’s end of this is simple; if he’s going to aid in repaying this debt, he’s going to have to find a way to cut into the Morghu kajidic‘s spice business so that Desilijic can wrest back control in the turf war, and that means hampering trade, destroying product, or waylaying shipments. However Reese wants to handle it, Vleen can offer plans or support. Per one of Jabba’s underlings, squaring the debt gets him off Jabba’s shit list, but only him (not the rest of the crew).
  • At the same time, bounty hunters are looking for whoever specifically was involved in the theft against Jabba (suspecting it was someone in Vleen’s crew), which means eventually that path may find its way back to the crew, and then to Vleen. If that happens, they’re all sunk; they need to figure out how to turn this situation around and get clear of that job.


  • The crew heads to The Last h’Katha, which is a small, quiet bar near the port. They give the pass phrase to the bartender, who tells them to take a seat and gives them a menu with a time scribbled on it.
  • Ohmin notes a young woman listening in, as well as a pair of Weequay who leave not long after the crew arrives.
  • Reese inquires about the package, but the bartender says he has the wrong bar and suggests maybe he means a different bar named The Last Hrothgar in the Rethport district.
  • Leaving the bar, the crew notes a Weequay smoking across the street. Alif sidles over to see what he’s up to and swiftly shoots him in the face. A firefight ensues with the Weequay’s companions, ending with Ohmin chucking a thermal detonator down the alley and the crew hauling ass back to The Paramour.
E03S02: Trials at Travnin
Where the past is revealed.

Previously On…

Seagram’s Station

  • Reese and the crew wait in the seedy bar named “The Berry Juice” for any remaining crew left behind on Maltontac to meet with them.
  • After short while, Galen Kain arrives and sits with Reese, Braarf, and Yuri.
  • Galen explains that he and Ether operate differently and he’s willing to stick with the crew if they are willing to risk rescuing Jondyn, but allowing Jondyn to choose the path he wishes to follow – Go solo, join Galen as his Padawan, rejoin the Paramour, etc.
  • The crew agrees and Galen confirms the location of Vader’s beacon to be at the planet of Travnin.
  • The Paramour, along with the Bloodbath and two Mon Calamari Cruisers jump to hyperspace, en route to Travnin.


  • On Travnin, Vader and his guards escort Jondyn to a mountainside where an ancient stone door stands. On the door are the words ‘Only an Azeon may enter.’
  • Jondyn reaches out to the Force and remembers the door from his past and how to open it.
  • Vader explains that the key to the Emperor’s plans are somewhere behind the door and pushes Jondyn to proceed.
  • In the first room, they come upon a small statue of stacked stones. After seeing this, Jondyn has a vision.

First Vision

  • Reese is running away from his cell in what looks to be a dream version of the POW camp he was a prisoner in. He is running in slow motion and feels terrified.
  • Jondyn sees Reese, but he cannot move and reach out to help Reese.
  • This “unsticks” Reese from his invisible obstacle and suddenly he hurls himself into Jondyn.
  • They both collapse to the ground, only when they fall, Jondyn becomes a large boulder atop Reese’s arm.
  • Stuck under the boulder, Reese feels his arm has been crushed, but he needs to escape and can’t.
  • Jondyn, now witnessing this outside of himself within the dream, reaches out to the Force and moves the boulder.
  • Once free, the boulder disappears, and Reese’s arm is replaced with the bionic arm he has now.
  • Jondyn wakes up and the door to the next room opens.

Meanwhile in Travnin Orbit and the Cave Temple

(Note: This shit didn’t happen in game, exactly, but we talked about it.)

  • An epic space battle between the Executor, the Paramour, Bloodbath, and the Mon Calamari ensues.
  • Back in the cave, Jondyn remembers training in this cave temple learning the ways of the Azeon, an ascetic sect of Force users that focus on natural Force use and lifestyle, eschewing technology and practicing sustainability instead.
  • In his memory, he is told by his old Azeon master that a long time ago, Palpatine and Farin Mahz worked together to create a clone line that would be capable of accepting the lifeforce held within the Myladonian droids. During this process, Mahz created a line that could transfer life force as well as Force abilities. He did this by using genes from mysterious lineages of Force users.
  • Later, the clones that Palpatine created were used for his Clone Wars. Mahz’s clones were used as Imperial Operatives while Palpatine worked to destroy the Jedi and erase Myladon from history.
  • Mahz separates Jondyn from the others and brings him to Travnin to train with the Azeon before erasing his own memory of all this in order to keep Jondyn safe.
  • In space, epic battles some more!

Second Vision

  • Vader remains silent as he progresses with Jondyn to the next room and Jondyn enters another vision.
  • This time, Jondyn is aboard the Paramour with Braarf.
  • Braarf awakens with a feeling that he had places several explosives throughout the ship and needs to disarm them…only he has forgotten where he put them.
  • Jondyn realizes he cannot be seen or heard by Jondyn, but he can manipulate the air, very slightly, and can toy with electronics.
  • Jondyn lures Braarf to the first bomb inside the Dejarik table in the Paramour recreation room.
  • Braarf dismantles the bomb and Jondyn discovers his presence slightly slips away.
  • He lures Braarf to the next bomb, within the toilet of one of the quarters.
  • Braarft dismantles and with the guidance of Jondyn, they reroute the plumbing to send the bomb into space.
  • After this bomb is discharged, Jondyn wakes up in the cave.

Space and memories

  • Meanwhile in space, things blow up and fly around.
  • Jondyn and Vader progress to the next room and Jondyn has another memory of his master as well as a mingling of memories from other Jondyn clones.
  • In the memories, he discovers that part of the Azeon powers is the ability to Visit or Share with each other (like Sense8).
  • From this, he remembers linking to other Jondyns and discovering that Palpatine had pit them against each other in a program he called Wraith in order to weed the Jondyn clones down to the most powerful. The last one standing would be the one he would transfer to.
  • Realizing that Jondyn’s powers makes him a target for Palpatine, his master encases him in carbonite, hoping that one day he can be released when Palpatine is no longer a threat.
  • In space, battles.
  • The Paramour leaves the battle to look for Jondyn on the surface of Travnin after Galen says he couldn’t find him on the Executor using the Force.

Third Vision

  • Jondyn wakes up and is a tiny spider robot marching around with a ton of other spiderbots in a hanger on the Maltontac.
  • Yuri appears and the spiderbots see him and want to attack.
  • Jondyn follows his programming and leads the spider army to creepy crawl around and up Yuri.
  • Yuri frantically thinks about how to stop them while fending them off.
  • Yuri remembers he created a killswitch and finds his control to turn them off.
  • He does it before losing his eye by spider-Jondyn’s metal, pokey leg.

Space, Travnin, the Cave

  • In space…………….battles!
  • On the surface of Travnin, the Paramour dodges exciting things and whatnot while looking for signs of Jondyn.
  • As Jondyn and Vader progress to final room of the cave temple, Jondyn has another memory. Surprise!
  • Around the stone statue in this room, several other Jondyn appear. 3 male, one female. One in heavy, black robes.
  • They talk to Jondyn once they realize the now that Jondyn remembers his powers they are linked again. They are quickly aware of each other’s memories and they look to the robed Jondyn (this is getting confusing, too many Jondyns!). He looks at Jondyn and turns from looking like another clone to looking like the old-man-Vader from Jedi. This clone has accepted a transfer and is fighting it.
  • Not wanting to keep this link, Jondyn closes them off. Vader, aware that something big has happened asks Jondyn to reveal what he has discovered.
  • Jondyn now knows that Vader is actually Luke Skywalker and the Emperor is actually Anakin VD3r (the original Vader).
  • Jondyn’s Azeon master and Gideon appear in Force ghost form. The Azeon says, “Connect the lines.” and Gideon says, “The discard piles of clone diaspora.”
  • Suddenly, the temple begins to fall apart and a primitive turbolift appears. Jondyn jumps into the light of the turbolift and is launched up to the top of the mountain.


  • The Paramour miraculously sees Jondyn emerge from the mountain as it crumbles down. They swoop in and get him aboard the ship.
  • The leave Travnin just as Galen and the Mon Calamari cruisers make their escape from the Executor.
  • They rendezvous and Galen givens Jondyn his choice, Jondyn chooses to stay with the Paramour.
  • Galen suggests that instead of being directly part of the New Rebellion, they work as mercenaries, just as the original Dragons did. He suggests they setup their own base of operations.
  • To this idea, Ohmin suggests just the place.


  • Everyone: 2 Character Points
  • Jondyn: +1 CP and +1 Force Point for joining the light and managing to not get in another fight with Vader
E03X01: A Master's Death
Freedom isn't free.


This was a flashback game.

Chev Tech Factory

  • Aiven Dest’ll’s Tech Factory orbits a large gas giant and is situated in a large asteroid.
  • Ohmin supervises the factory work as a sort of foreman and manager.
  • A large freighter is detected heading toward the factory. Ohmin orders a scan.

Large Freighter

  • Detecting a scan is about to take place, a scarred Jondyn clone operating the ship moves from the cockpit to the cargo bay.

Chev Tech Factory

  • Seeing the ship is automated and there is a life-form in the cargo bay, Ohmin assumes this is a normal sales related visit and allows the ship entrance to the main docking bay.
  • After the ship land, the Scarred Jondyn walks authoritatively down the cargo ramp and into the docking bay where Ohmin greets him.
  • The Scarred Jondyn explains, in a long and very “Operative from Serenity”-kind of way, that he’s very impressed with the work done at this factory and would like to meet with the Master of the facility, Aiven.
  • Ohmin explains that Aiven is not likely here, but offers to call Aiven to come to the factory.
  • Scarred Jondyn, knowing that Aiven is in fact here, insists that Ohmin take him to Aiven.
  • Ohmin decides to give Scarred Jondyn a tour as a way to stall.
  • After a discussion from the supervisor observation deck, Scarred Jondyn wants to see Aiven ASAP.
  • Ohmin starts to take Scarred Jondyn to the factory floor, on the way, he notices that Aiven is communicating over armband comm to him. The message simply saying, “It’s the Empire. Get out. Get out now!”
  • Ohmin realizes that Aiven is here and hasn’t warned the rest of the factory, opting to save himself and warn Ohmin only.
  • Ohmin tries to trap Scarred Jondyn in the hallway between two blast doors, but Aiven closed the door and sent an ambush instead.
  • Scarred Jondyn deflects the blaster fire and Force Pushes a thermal detonator back at the security crew ambushing him.
  • After the explosion, Aiven is seen running away towards his docking bay.
  • Ohmin sounds the evacuation alarm and runs to help calm the chaos on the factory floor, unlocking the blast door Aiven had slammed in his way.
  • Scarred Jondyn reaches Aiven and tells him that he and his facility are being made an example of for flying too high and becoming a concern for the Empire after some of their tech made into the hands of the Rebellion.
  • Aiven shoots at Scarred Jondyn who reflects the bolts back at him, disarming him and wounding him.
  • Ohmin returns to Aiven after giving evacuation orders and witnesses Scarred Jondyn stab Aiven.
  • Scarred Jondyn tells Ohmin he is now free.
  • Ohmin runs to evacuate with the other Chevs and eventually be found by the New Rebellion and joining them.


  • Ohmin & Jondyn: 2 Character Points
E03S01: Going Rogue (Online Game)
Going Rogue


On the Paramour

  • After evading the inhibitor cone of the Imperial Fleet’s Interdictor Cruiser, the Paramour hurriedly jumps to hyperspace
  • On the way back to the Maltontac, Tam sequesters himself in one of the cabin quarters, in shock from watching his home planet destroyed
  • The crew laments the destruction of Corsin and having to leave Jondyn behind in order to escape

Back at the ’Tac

  • Tam is escorted off the Paramour and is seen breaking down before Leia in the docking bay
  • Ether orders the crew to the briefing room where he sympathizes with them about the destruction of Corsin but informs them that he must demote them for failing to accomplish the mission without such a great cost and for losing Jondyn as well
  • Reese confronts Ether outside the briefing room and tells Ether that he’s going to take the Paramour out of the service of the Rebellion because he doesn’t believe he and his crew had done anything wrong
  • Ether, disappointed but seeing there was no convincing that could be done, decommissions the Paramour and tells Reese he and anyone willing is free to go
  • Reese gathers the crew from the Corsin mission to the Paramour, informs them that they will no longer be in service of the Rebellion and they will be leaving to rescue Jondyn
  • Yuri and Braarf ask about GL-33 and Reese orders him to the ship
  • GL-33 arrives and says he will follow the team wherever that may be and will happily go after Jondyn
  • The ship launches out of the Tac and into orbit

Orbiting the Tac

  • The crew discover the receiver for the spying device in Vader’s chamber had been removed as part of their decommissioning and the devise a plan to get the most recent location information by hacking the communications array of the Tac during the next maintenance window but before the Tac shifts to a new location and they will no longer be able to find the base
  • Ohmin, Yuri, and Glee modify the Paramour’s dish to enhance the signal and receiver
  • Ohmin works on hacking the network while Yuri attempts, but fails, to reach some of his droid projects in Ji‘s workshop to turn one into a mole for longterm connections after leaving the Tac’s orbit
  • Braarf suggests that they reach out to the other past members of the Paramour crew that might still be on the Tac to see if they are willing to defect from the Rebellion as well
  • When Reese agrees and asks Braarf to get a comm channel open, Braarf attempts the tech work for that and decides that that sort of thing isn’t his cup of tea, Yuri opens the channel
  • Reese hails the Paramour channel and implores anyone willing to return to the Paramour and rescue Jondyn to meet him at Seagram’s Station
  • Ohmin gets the most recent location of the spy device transponder and Reese orders the Paramour to the Seagram’s


  • Everyone gets 3 character points

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