Azeon Jondyn

It'd be deus ex machina if he weren't a player character.


Name: Azeon Jondyn
Type: Force Adept
Species: Human Hybrid Clone (J1-Dynasty)
Homeworld: Myladon V
Gender: Male
Age: Late 20s (assumed)
Height: 6’
Weight: 180 lbs.



Jondyn looks to be in his twenties, average of height with the slender, agile build of an acrobat. Handsome in a fairly nondescript way, he has sleek brown hair with a shock of white over his right eye. He is clean-shaven and somewhat dour, though he laughs easily enough. His clothing is form-fitting black adventuring gear with light armor on the torso. He carries a heavily-used blaster carbine bandoleered at his back and a lightsaber at his belt.


Cynical, somewhat bitter, and yet remarkably pleasant, Jondyn is a casually friendly but distant spacer-type. He holds himself at a bit of a distance and keeps his thoughts in reserve, but is willing to share the occasional amusing anecdote or trade barbs with his cohorts. As time goes on, he lets that facade slide some, giving a glimpse of the anxious desperation beneath the surface and his desire to understand his hidden past.


  • To continue to uncover his past and the origins of the J1-Dynasty clones.
  • To learn the ways of the Force, though not necessarily to follow the path of the Jedi


“Sure. I’m special. What magic talisman are you going to sell me to prove it?”

Connection with Other Characters

Frozen in carbonite for an unclear period of time, Jondyn was rescued by Yuri and taken aboard the Paramour as a piece of the cosmic puzzle being put together by GL-33 and Salene Fulsom.

  • Reese: Jondyn is fairly loyal to Reese and considers himself a true member of the Dragons Reborn. He is grateful to them for their rescue (though he does understand that for them it was a paid gig), and appreciates that his goals intersect with their own in important ways. Still, he is wary of Reese, especially has he has begun to recall Krevnar’s treatment of Reese in the POW camp on Geongen Earl (and Reese’s continued silence on the subject). Moreover, he dislikes Reese’s attitude toward Imperial defectors, as he considers himself to be one, and often inserts himself into those confrontations in opposition. Their relationship is complicated.
  • Yuri: In contrast to his wary respect for Reese, Jondyn is earnestly fond of Yuri, who not only rescued him personally but has also been thrown together with him on several occasions. He respects Yuri’s specialized skills (which are so outside his ken) and unexpected thinking. If Yuri were more personable, it’s possible they might even be friends.
  • Braarf: Who doesn’t like Braarf? Jondyn appreciates his combat abilities and piloting skills, but tends to view him more as a powerful pet than a comrade.
  • GL-33: With the deep connection of their mysterious pasts, Jondyn realizes that he needs to stick close to GL-33 if he’s ever going to resolve the questions of his origin. He finds the droid odd and uncanny, but can also see his humanity.
  • Ohmin: Jondyn rather likes Ohmin, who he sees as the most formidable of the Dragons Reborn in terms of steadfastness and efficiency of work. While the two aren’t close, he may be the crew member Jondyn most trusts to have his back.
  • Alif: Jondyn appreciates Alif’s combat skills but sees him as a huge liability waiting to get someone killed. In his own ruthless way, he is prepared to fix that problem himself, if the need arises. This has essentially killed any chance of the two forming a friendship.
  • Vleen: Jondyn has nearly no opinion of Vleen, as the two barely interacted.
  • Caleb: Jondyn has even less of an opinion on Caleb, who he views as an extension of Vleen. He’s curious about how a mercenary came to possess a lightsaber, but isn’t particularly concerned about it.
  • Galen: Jondyn respects the Jedi and the original Dragons, and was honored by Galen’s offer to teach him the ways of the Force. He accepted, but is wary of becoming a Jedi himself, and so keeps Galen at a slight distance in order to keep his perspective. He feels he owes a great debt to Gideon, which keeps him focused and humble in his training.
  • Gideon: Jondyn deeply respected Gideon for his patience and honesty, and considers himself in the man’s debt for sacrificing himself to save Jondyn’s life.

Character Sheet


  • Dexterity 5D
    • Blaster 6D
    • Dodge 6D
    • Lightsaber Combat 7D+1
  • Knowledge 3D
    • Streetwise 4D
  • Mechanical 2D
  • Perception 5D
    • Command 6D
    • Con 5D+2
    • Hide/Sneak 6D
    • Intimidation 5D+2
    • Investigation 5D+1
  • Strength 4D+1
    • Acrobatics 5D
    • Brawling 5D+1
      • Brawling: Teräs Käsi 7D
  • Technical 2D+1
  • Control 5D
    • Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Burst of Speed, Concentration, Contort/Escape, Control Pain, Enhance Attribute, Short-Term Memory Enhancement, Up the Walls
  • Sense 5D
    • Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Merge Senses, Postcognition, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Sense Force Potential, Shift Senses
  • Alter 4D+2
    • Force Push, Injure/Kill, Telekinesis
  • Control/Sense
    • Commune, Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy, Unify
  • Control/Alter
    • Control Another’s Pain, Redirect Energy
  • Sense/Alter
    • Lesser Force Shield
  • Control/Sense/Alter

Move: 12
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 1


Lightsaber (5D+Control); Azeon Jondyn
Lightsaber(5D+Control); Gideon Costelle
Blaster Carbine (5D)
Armor; Koromondain Half-Vest (+1D=2 physical, +2 energy)


When Palpatine came to Myladon V intent on perfecting a process for transferring his life force into a perfected clone body he produced many different dynasties of Force clones, with the ultimate form of his work expressed in the Wraith project and the J1-Dynasty. His intent was to use the clones as Emperor’s Hands, setting them in competition against one another until one clone proved powerful enough to serve as the host for his soul. Unbeknownst to Palpatine, other forces were at work during this project’s infancy, and one clone was enhanced in unknown ways and then released by Fairin Mahz before the rest. That clone was Jondyn.

Carrying an unknown legacy forgotten even by Mahz, Jondyn was taken to Travnin and given to Quan Kustu, Master of the Azeon, for both protection and training in the ways of those mystic Force adepts. During his training Jondyn was able to make contact with his fellow clones through the Force, using his ability to Commune with them and learn more of Wraith and their roles in the Empire. He shared with them the disciplines to Commune and Unify (though they were unable to master these skills, relying on him to serve as a conduit for their link), and from them he gained knowledge and experience of the galaxy, insight into the Empire and Rebellion, and mastery of the lightsaber, a weapon he had never wielded. From his Azeon mentor he learned internal and physical discipline, including the deadly art of Teräs Käsi. When Jondyn’s connection to his fellow clones was discovered by Palpatine, Quan Kustu had Jondyn sealed in carbonite to protect him from the Empire, keeping him preserved but invisible to the Force.

It is currently unknown how long Jondyn slumbered in carbonite, nor is it clear how he ended up in the trophy collection of Jabba the Hutt, but his location and connection to the Myladonian cloning experiments became known to the Rebellion, who sent Salene Fulsom to retrieve him in order to continue the Myladonian resurrection efforts that had begun with the restoration of GL-33. The crew of the Paramour were hired for the task, succeeding in awakening both Jondyn and Gideon Costelle of the famed Dragons.

Unfortunately, just as GL-33 had been reactivated without complete access to his memories, Jondyn awoke suffering from extreme hibernation sickness, which included a loss of all personal memories. Jondyn would later come to suspect that his memories were hidden from him to prevent him from being a target from the moment he awoke, keeping him from reconnecting with his past and his fellow clones until he had gotten himself to relative safety. Wearing nondescript clothes and carrying only a false Travnin City ident card naming him ‘Azeon Jondyn’, a name he instantly knew to be at least partially incorrect; as it would turn out, it was intended as a clue to his true identity and a first step on the path back to himself. Despite his debilitation, Jondyn immediately seized on the nature of his rescue, defending his rescuer Yuri by delivering a deadly Teräs Käsi attack to one of Jabba’s guards and picking up his blaster carbine to help manage their escape.

GL-33 approached Jondyn soon after the escape, and the duo immediately felt that there was a shared history between them that they were unable to recall it or how it had developed. As it would turn out, Jondyn and the other Wraith clones had played a role in the lives of the entire crew. GL-33 and Salene had been searching for Jondyn for 5 standard years due to his ties to their research in the history of Myladon, but even to them his origins were foggy.

Jondyn continued with the crew of the Paramour through their capture by the Shiva and confrontation with Darth Vader and GL-0V0, learning information about the hybrid nature of his genetics and his strength in the Force from Gideon and experiencing flashes of his past, though finding himself unable to reconcile them as memories. He aided the crew in rescuing prisoners from the Shiva, where Gideon sacrificed his life in battle with Vader in order to give Jondyn a chance to complete the mission. Drawing on scattered flashes of memory, Jondyn was able to masquerade as Klin, one of his fellow clones and Emperor’s Hand, and rescued prisoners including Leia Organa and Mitth’raw’mnee. Jondyn also aided Yuri and GL-33 in defeating the GL drones Shifted into the Maltontac during the battle of Myladon V, uncovering the hidden cache of clones within the planet.

After these actions, Jondyn was approached by Galen Kain, who offered to mentor him in the ways of the Force in recognition of Jondyn’s need for guidance. While initially skeptical, Jondyn ultimately accepted Galen’s offer, agreeing to become his padawan with the understanding that Jondyn was ambivalent on the idea of becoming a Jedi himself.

In the continuing adventures of the crew now known as the Dragons Reborn, Jondyn proved a capable and valuable member of the team, both in combat and infiltration. During a daring rescue attempt for Tam ne Tyrnik, Jondyn faced Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel, forcing him off the Paramour and attacking so fiercely that he was able to sever the Sith Lord hand and allow the crew to escape. In the custody of the Empire, Jondyn was taken to the Azeon Temple on Travnin in order for Vader to learn hidden secrets of the Azeon. While there, Jondyn experienced visions of not only his own past, but the history of Palpatine and Fairin Mahz, returning the majority of his memories and reestablishing his link with the other J1-Dynasty clones. Jondyn escaped Vader’s clutches as the temple collapsed, exiting just in time to be retrieved by his crewmates.

Jondyn was also instrumental to the team’s plot to help Seagram blackmail Senator Kimorigan, posing as a member of Daunty Rump’s Boys’ Club and truly immersing himself in the role of a top-tier escort. He was able to painlessly disable the Senator and one of the guards, working with the team to make a not-particularly-clean escape.

Jondyn has since been training with Galen while the Dragons Reborn pursue a task for the original Dragons, preparing himself for the confrontations with his past that he now knows to be inevitable.

Azeon Jondyn

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