Reese Cirosso

He's the leader of the crew, transformed from the norm by the cyber voodoo.


Dexterity: 3d+2 (blaster 6d, dodge 5d), Perception: 3d (command 5d, intimidation 4d, investigation 4d), Knowledge: 2d, Strength: 3d (brawling 4d), Mechanical: 3d+2 (starship pilot: 7d, starship gunner: 5d, starship shields: 5d, land vehicles 4d), Tech: 2d+2 (starship repair 5d+1)

heavy blaster (4d), comm link, cybernetic arms (3 Strength rolls involving arm), cybernetic eye (2 Perception rolls involving sight)


Captain of the Paramour. Reese is a veteran of the Rebellion war where he served as a soldier. Reese was wounded in a battle near the end of the war. In that battle he lost his arm and was taken hostage. He served time in a POW camp during which he met Yuri (and maybe Braarf). With the help of Yuri he escaped the camp and thus they started adventuring together. Yuri made Reese a cybernetic arm. Perhaps later in their adventures Reese lost an eye which Yuri also made.

Reese grew up on Socorro, a planet in the Outer Rim between Coyn and Tattooine and, like many of the Outer Rim planets, a haven for smugglers. His father was a frigate pilot who died when Reese was only ten. His mother was a hardened and tough woman who eventually became governor of Sin , the space port town where he was raised. She, along with an assortment of smugglers, gamblers and pirates with hearts of gold raised Reese with tough love and the values of personal virtue.

Reese became a frigate pilot like his father. For a while during the Rebellion he remained neutral like most Socorronians but became disillusioned with the strict regime of the Empire and joined the Rebel Alliance to fight for the freedom of his home planet. He was a good soldier and creative on the field of battle. He was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain, leader of the Red Devils company.

Reese Cirosso

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