Ohmin Dest'll

Frequent user of thermal detonators.


Blaster 5D+1
Dodge 6D
Grenade 5D+1

Persuasion 5D
Security Systems and operations 7D
Initimidate 5D
Investigation 4D+2

Streetwise 4D

Brawl 4D
Stamina 4D

Sensors 4D
Shields 4D

Tech Improv 7D

Blaster Pistol 5D
Security Door Pick Set
13500 Creds
Less-than-standard issue tool box for Starship/Repulsorlift Repair. A bit bigger and bulkier than average, and sparks the question.. “WTF is in that thing?”

Skill Points: 0
Force Points: 1


Ohmin Dest’ll originates from Vinsoth, where he knew no other life than that of slave until his escape at the age of 40. Born to a slave mother and father, he was by default the property of their owner; a Chevin named Dalstur. This Chevin was a particularly merciless and cruel master, evident by the scars and mutilations his slaves bore. Ohmin managed to stay in his master’s relative good graces even after his parents were executed for attempting to escape with him at the age of 3.

When Ohmin was 22, Dalstur was killed in an uprising of his own slaves (it remains unknown if Ohmin played part but remains highly suspect). As per tradition, Dalstur left his labor force to a close relative, Aiven. Whether out of fear of a similar fate, or genuine kindness and empathy, Aiven was an extremely caring and compassionate master. For the next 18 years, Ohmin would come to think of him as a father, as did many others.

Much of Aiven’s success as a tech merchant was due to his labor force. He clothed them in paramilitary uniforms as opposed to rags, giving them dignity and pride where non existed. He didn’t just capitalize on their natural technical abilities, he nurtured their growth through education and training, allowing them to become highly skilled technicians and in some cases, covert corporate thieves. He had a particular liking for Ohmin, to whom he granted complete autonomy and bestowed upon him a family name – Dest’ll.

At the age of 40 (relatively young for a Chev), Ohmin and thousands of other slaves were freed from their masters by a lightsaber-wielding human. However, Ohmin and the other members of Aiven’s house did not flee. They protected their master and each other in the mayhem that ensued during the exodus. It wasn’t until Aiven was struck down that Ohmin and the others fled, gaining passage on a rebel freighter taking refugees. The official report released by the Empire stated that this was a case of slaves rising up against their masters, and that in the chaos a rival Chev took the opportunity to dispatch Aiven. Those who bore witness to his demise, however, know the terrible truth.

It didn’t take long for the captain of the fleeing vessel to recognize Ohmin’s technical skill and intuition. After several conversations, the captain convinced him of the need for his skills in the fight against Imperial slavery. A tough decision for Ohmin considering the countless, staggeringly awesome options that laid before him. Empire, bad. Slavery, bad. He was on board.

To this day, Ohmin has what can only be described as a complicated and tortured relationship with the concept of slavery. On one hand, he has the greatest disdain and hatred for being born into bondage and living a life of servitude. On the other, a devout loyalty and unending gratitude to the master who gave him everything.

Ohmin Dest'll

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