Darth Vader

Ruling the galaxy as father and son.




Right hand of the Emperor, scourge of the Rebellion, and one-time Jedi Knight.

Luke Skywalker was a farmboy from Tatooine who grew up to become one of the greatest heroes of the Rebellion. The son of Clone Wars heroes Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, he was hidden away by Ben Kenobi and raised by Owen and Beru Lars, unaware of his heritage as the scion of a powerful line of Jedi and Naboo royalty. When fate brought him back together with Kenobi to rescue the captured Princess Leia Organa, Skywalker not only rose to the task but went on to destroy the first Death Star in the Battle of Yavin and begin the restoration of the Jedi in the galaxy.

After the Battle of Hoth Skywalker trained on Dagobah for a time with Jedi Master Yoda, learning the ways of the Force and becoming a Jedi Knight. This ended, however, when he went to Bespin intending to rescue his friends Han Solo and Leia from the Empire and was instead drawn into a fateful duel with Darth Vader, who had set the trap for him specifically. Believing Luke to be his long-lost son, Vader tested his skills in the Force before brutally maiming him and forcing him into surrender, then revealing his plan to usurp the power of the Emperor and rule the galaxy with Luke by his side. Rejecting Vader’s claim to be his father and his temptation to join the Dark Side, Luke attempted to escape into death by leaping into a tibanna gas refinery, but was retrieved by Vader’s agents, sedated, and transported to Mustafar.

Broken in body and spirit, Luke’s injuries were tended by silent medical droids who repaired his body with cybernetics, turning him into an imitation of Vader. He was kept in a solitary haze for months, and by the time Vader came for him the Battle of Endor was done. Vader had defeated the Rebellion and captured Leia, holding her prisoner aboard the Shiva, and explained to Skywalker that her life and safety were a vouchsafe for his behavior. Vader slowly began to manipulate Luke through the Force and sheer cunning, convincing him that his only path forward was by Vader’s side and the only way to set anything to rights was to assist his “father” in the downfall of the Emperor.

Once Skywalker had been made ready and trained in the ways of the Sith, Vader presented him to the Emperor as his new apprentice, pleasing his master with this tactical coup. It was then that Vader and Luke together struck down the Emperor in a swift and unexpected assassination, seizing control of the Empire for themselves.

Vader’s plan was a perfect one, and Luke’s new armor and guise were ready. He took up the role of Darth Vader, matching his mentor in appearance and power, and VDr-3 took on the role of Emperor, adopting his previous master’s robes and presenting himself as Palpatine to an unsuspecting galaxy.

Over time, Luke grew strong in the Dark Side and adopted his role fully, becoming the bane of the Rebellion. He took on the training of the powerful Inquisitor Kain, raising him up as Darth Scourge and charging him with the destruction of the remaining Jedi of the galaxy. His heroic past began to fade from his mind, with only a confused, tortured ember of the man he once was existing at the core of his being.


Darth Vader

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