Yuri Byelobog

Hitting all the brown notes and none of the targets.


Name: Yuri Byelobog
Type: Slicer/Droid Expert/Inventor
Species: Human
Homeworld: SPACE!
Gender: Male
Age: 40-ish
Height: 6’
Weight: 160 lbs.





Connection with Other Characters


Dexterity (2D+2)

Pick Pocket

Knowledge (3D+2)

Research (5D)
Archeological Whatnot (4D)

Mechanical 2D

Repulsorlift Operation
Swoop Operation

Perception (3D+2)

Search (4D)

Strength (2D)


Technical (4D)

Computer Programming/Repair (6D)
Droid Programming/Repair (5D)
Repulsorlift Repair
Security/Encryption (5D)
System Diagnosis (5D)
Strange Device Making (4D+1)

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 0


Hold-Out Blaser (3D)
Electronic Lockpit/Slicing Kit
Holographic Projector
Brown noise grenade
Gas grenade of tinnitus


Yuri Byelobog is an inventor and scientist whose odd upbringing and career have given him a unique perspective on the nature of consciousness and individuality. Born on a spacefaring transport ship, his mother was a member of a technological salvage and engineering crew whose primary trade was the creation and sale of replacement cybernetics and bionics parts as well as advanced droids. His toys were tools and spare parts, his playmates defunct droids. He failed to see a clear distinction between organic and mechanical intelligence, and became fascinated by the idea that there were just a few key differences between the two that could be overcome with the proper engineering.

Yuri started early with building small droids — nicknamed ‘ robits’ — to fulfill simple tasks. One of his first experiments was a robotic bee that could serve as an “electronic nose”, flying around to sniff out dangerous gases in the air or hidden explosives. His devices proved immediately useful, and helped to fund his education when he grew older.

Yuri left his caravan to study cultural anthropology at Dammon University on Corulag, focusing on cultures who had unlocked some of the most important secrets of artificial intelligence. These studies led him to snippets of information on the work done by the Myladonians, though much of that information had been redacted or destroyed entirely; nevertheless, Yuri was able to amass considerable knowledge about their methodology and theories. These studies resulted in Yuri becoming a bit quirky in his worldview, regarding machines as not being notably different than “living” beings. He began simplifying the living to only being conscious as an illusion, when they were really equally conscious to machines. This did not make him particularly popular amongst his peers.

Though generally apolitical by nature, Yuri enlisted in the Rebellion in protest to the Empire’s restrictions on knowledge and fields of study, finding himself fed up with the oppressive environment surrounding and stunting his research. He was initially deployed as a technician and cyberneticist, but found himself and his robits thrust into a support role after the Battle of Endor. He was assigned to Reese Cirosso’s Red Devils unit along with Braarf, and found much to his surprise that it was easier to form lasting friendships with comrades-in-arms despite their dissimilarities than it had been to engage his peers at university. Unfortunately, the Battle of Geongen Earl thrust them all into a pit of a POW camp, requiring each to stretch his skills in order to escape.

Reluctant to return to the ongoing galactic civil war, Yuri went his own way post-escape and set himself up with an AI design team at Cybot Galactica, but his research was constantly stifled and underfunded. He was eventually contacted by Salene Fulsom (on behalf of the Rebellion, though this was not known at the time), who was familiar with his work and his reputation for understanding the intricacies of droid cognition and Myladonian technology. Yuri was the first technician to successfully repair and reprogram GL-33, bypassing previous short-sightedness and reductionist theory about droids and respecting the achievements the Myladonians had made in the GL series. Though unable to restore all of GL-33’s memories, the droid was a rousing success, and Yuri was convinced to enlist his former comrades in the next step of the process. All that was missing were a couple of inconveniently-placed carbonite slabs….

Among Yuri’s robits are his sniffing bee, a scouting roach, some sort of dog, and a starfish projector, though there are and will be others. He is also in possession of a recently-damaged MSE-6 droid, as well as what remains of 4Q-2.

Yuri Byelobog

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