New Rebellion


The last hope for the galaxy.

The New Rebellion is all that remains of the original Rebel Alliance, which ended shortly after the Battle of Hoth. After the Empire’s ruthless victory, the Rebels were scattered and demoralized, suffering further blows after the loss of heroes Han Solo and Luke Skywalker on Bespin.

Princess Leia Organa was able to rally much of the Rebel fleet, but the momentum of their cause had been halted. With Leia’s motives split between consolidating the Rebels and rescuing her friends, the Alliance forces failed to destroy the second Death Star Shiva in the Battle of Endor in the Year 39, and Leia was captured in the attempt. Hidden bases were compromised, assault and espionage plans were foiled, and numerous other Rebel leaders were imprisoned.

All but destroyed, the Rebellion was rallied by the original Dragons, newly brought into the Rebel fold. Joining forces with Leia’s remaining fleet, they were able to bring the Rebel forces to a secure location to regroup. After their success in defeating Tillian Armade, the Dragons were exactly the kind of heroes needed to keep the Alliance together. Their numbers and resources diminished, the Alliance went into a long period of rebuilding while the power of the Galactic Empire waxed stronger.

In more recent days Princess Leia has been rescued by the Dragons Reborn and returned to her role as General at the Alliance headquarters at Maltontac on Myladon V.

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New Rebellion

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