Star Wars: Dragons

E05S05: The Game is Afoot
When plan B turns to C

Interrogation Room

  • Yuri discovers another signal trying to re-establish connection to the whizbangs he disabled. Unable to triangulate the position, Yuri calls Ohmin for assistance.

Maintenance Shaft

  • Ohmin agrees to help Yuri with the signal and traces it back to the docking-storage locker that they found Denna in. He runs to the location and Salene sends 4Q-2 to assist.
  • Jondyn and the GL droid engage in a lightsaber duel in the cramps quarters of the maintenance shaft.

Docking-Storage Locker & Maintenance Shaft

  • Yuri arrives and doesn’t seem to find anything out of sort when he first takes a look. He checks his email on his data pad while he waits for Ohmin to arrive.
  • Ohmin arrives and looks around. 4Q-2 enters and scans the room and narrows the signal to one of the two crates. Ohmin determines that the crate with the active access panel (the same crate 4Q-2 pointed out) was likely where the signal was coming from.
  • Yuri starts to dissect the panel to find the power source and gain access to whatever is in the crate.
  • After a little lightsaber fencing, the GL droid cuts a whole in the maintenance shaft and attempts to escape Jondyn. Jondyn manages to slice off its foot. It runs away from Jondyn, toward the hangar bay.
  • Ohmin & Yuri receive a call from Salene that another ship claiming to be the Blood Moon had managed to dock in the hangar bay. Ohmin sends 4Q-2 to investigate.
  • Yuri continues to attempt to gain access to the crate by hotwiring what he can find behind the access panel.
  • Jondyn pursues the GL droid down the corridor toward the hangar bay and uses the Force to knock him into the ceiling. The GL droid is slowed down, but continues on.
  • Over the surveillance system, Ohmin can see Kreshenda outside the ship and 4Q-2 split in half on the floor.
E05S04: Left Behind
The insurance policy

Wrapping Up the Interrogation

  • Captain Zomal and Denna Wyldcarde are in custody and Jondyn, Ohmin, and Yuri are with them in a large interrogation room sussing out the details of the attack on the station and how Kreshenda and Flats got away.
  • Ohmin runs diagnostics on the station systems on on the robits that were left behind. He detects a signal travelling in the maintenance and utility shaft, it seems to stop transmitting after being discovered. He leaves to investigate after Zomal says that Flats should have been the only one emitting a signal to the left behind robits from the Blood Moon.
  • Jondyn detects some deep subconscious connection between Denna and Ohmin as she shows some sadness when he leaves.
  • Yuri’s lost in a dissection of the spider and “whizbang” robits they have captured. They seem to have some similar build characteristics to devices he learned to make when he was in the Rebellion.
  • Ohmin opens the maintenance hatch nearest to where he last detected the outgoing signal and two whizbangs fly past him, the last turns around and comes back to attack Ohmin. He clocks the whizbang with the butt of his blaster and it flies and knocks the other robit out.
  • Jondyn senses Ohmin is in danger and bursts to the maintenance shaft. He enters and encounters a GL droid with Force powers. It reaches out with the Force and pulls Kreshenda’s saber away from Jondyn. They both ignite their lightsabers and stand off in the cramped maintenance shaft.
  • Yuri inspects the whizbang in the interrogation room and suddenly connects the handy work and the name “Flats” to an old rival he had in the Rebellion named Flats McNasty. This revelation helps him figure out how to send a killcode to the remaining whizbangs. He sends the code and the additional whizbangs in the maintenance shaft fall to the ground, disabled.
  • Ohmin makes a called shot to blast a cooling vein in front of Jondyn to provide some cover between them and the GL droid.
E04S06: The Virus & the Stash
Wherein nothing is made clear.


When last we left our intrepid heroes…

  • GL-33 is in the medbay attending to the injured Dragons;
  • Yuri is heading to the medbay under guard to assist GL-33;
  • Ohmin is skulking around the mansion dressed as a security officer.



  • Ohmin explores this lower floor, which has a more spartan feel to it like a barracks or storage warehouse. There are more guards way down the nearest T intersection, patrolling but not on high alert. He comes to Storage Bay 23, which he slices into by using the same keycode he previously established.
  • The storage bay is a temperature-controlled warehouse full of large glass cylinders kept chill but not cold.


  • Yuri arrives at the lab to find Una and GL-33 by a bacta tank containing Reese. The problem seems to be that he has suffered enough damage that the neural interface with his cybernetics keeps rebooting itself, which will result in seizures if they do not fix it. They require Yuri’s expertise in cybernetics. The prosthetics start functioning, but begin a feedback loop that cascades into a seizure within 2 minutes. They discovered this when turning on the ocular implant to test for interference and the cascade began in that eye, but was originating in his shoulder as well, resulting in all cybernetics needing to be turned off. Cybernetics not being her forte (immunology, pharmacology, and perceptive cognition are her specialties), she noted the cascade failure but couldn’t diagnose it. GL-33 noticed it was happening elsewhere, but Una neglected to credit him.
  • GL-33 notes that Una did not perform any diagnostics, instead handling the situation like a trauma medic. This is not necessarily bad; it’s simply true. He suggests that Yuri start with operational procedures. The duo begin working together, with Yuri plugging in diagnostics and GL-33 probing responses to feed information. They realize that this is not accidental; something in the shrapnel was deliberately infected with with programming to incite feedback loops into automata to disable them. It would shut down a droid, computer, or sentinel turret, and apparently also cybernetics.
  • The easy solution would be to isolate the virus into one cybernetic system and wall it off, with the more difficult complete solution being extraction. The arm is the better choice as a test (since the eye is connected directly to the brain).
  • The duo examine the shrapnel to determine the nature of the virus. It appears to have been a fragmentation grenade engineered to disable technology. It’s a simple concept, clever but crude. The range is within a couple of inches of the blast, and excising the virus should take roughly a day and a half.


  • The cylinders in Storage Bay 23 contain cultures of ryll spice. This is a refinery, and the goods are very expensive. Ohmin realizes that he is most definitely on multiple security cameras and being monitored, if not actively viewed as doing something inappropriate. He patrols the storage area nonchalantly so as not to look suspicious, and is commed by Yuri in order to talk strategy.
  • Ohmin performs a security analysis, determining that security is not military-tight, but is tight enough for its type and better than a Rebel base (money talks). Security from the outside is strong, as Nar Shaddaa attacks are generally lightning-fast (and unbelievably common) and the team has responded swiftly to this one. Internal threats are more problematic, as reactive protection is strong but proactive security is limited by the sheer size of the manor.
  • Yuri deduces that Kodha, Banwadi, and Siwelhi all knew the Dragons were on the veranda, whereas Una would not have known. Due to the nature of the attack, he deduces that whoever planned the attack was not planning to damage the structure or personnel; the attack as designed could only be effective if the target was present and unprotected. Whoever attacked had the goal of killing or disabling people actively on the deck, with no other goal (as nothing else could have been accomplished). Two turrets and a local shield generator were taken out in the attack.
  • Ohmin decides to track down Banwadi, as he seems to be the biggest suspect in the attack.
  • Ohmin determines that the security system is tracking everyone of interest in the building, but Ohmin has shed his own tracker somewhere and it believes he is still in the guest suite.
E04S05: Creeping Through a Mansion
A mystery with just a hint of fungal tang.




  • Yuri and Ohmin’s guest quarters are finely decorated and very comfortable, including a guest terminal, entertainment, and refreshments. They are not locked in; when Ohmin checks the door there are no guards in the hallway. Therefore, they both head out stealthily to look around.
  • Coming to a T intersection, the duo split up. Ohmin heads left and finds an unusual door offset from the standard guest grid. He tells Yuri to look for a panel, but Yuri does not hear, having already traveled outside of hearing range.
  • Yuri runs into a pair of Nikto guards who ask if he’s lost. Yuri plays dumb, but the guards politely override his act and let him know they’ll be escorting him back to his room.
  • Ohmin can see (but not hear) the exchange. He finds an ident card reader and access panel, which he successfully slices to find that security is investigating the attack and trying to determine who is responsible, noting that two of Big Lash’s children had been present at or around the site.
  • Yuri, given the choice between being escorted to his room or a security warren, opts for his rooms. One of the guards escorts him back.
  • Meanwhile, at the medlab, GL-33 coms Yuri to request being tied into the robit network.
  • Ohmin opens the security door and enters a utliity stairwell.
  • GL-33 is handling medical matters in the medbay when Una bluntly asks what happened. He answers briefly but honestly, with Una asking how long the firefight lasted. He tells her it was brief, and suggests that the attackers had been waiting for a signal, a theory she herself had come to. She states that there is surveilance on all levels, and while she cannot interfere with their duties, she’ll see to it that he’s among the first to know what they find.
  • Ohmin determines that the stairs up are to more residential quarters, while those down are for maintenance and tech. He heads downwards, but hears security moving around on lower levels. The area is dim and spartan but clean. He goes cautiously, finding an equipment bay on the next landing. He gathers up some riot gear from a nearby locker and suits up.
  • Hacking another terminal, Ohmin finds himself in a live briefly with 4 security leads discussing the situation, not in heavy gear. Ohmin manages to convincingly play along as “Devrak”, a security captain, and is asked to check in with the guests who seem to be outside their quarters.
  • Yuri patches GL-33 into the robits, and GL-33 accesses their information. The Roach knows the skiff crashed and was surrounded by security, with no survivors among the attackers. There were at least 2 unidentified radio broadcasts outbound from the area. The Bee smells aliens, outside smells, ozone, spice, but also ultraviolet signifiers seen through only certain types of optics, with a pattern covering the balcony.

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