Una Rethwi

Cold-hearted criminal businesswoman


Una Rethwi is a gorgeous, austere Twi’lek woman with azure skin and eyes. She always wears white, dressing in flattering but demure clothing that only emphasizes her aloof beauty. She is cold and pragmatic, but not unduly harsh; she simply doesn’t allow her emotions to show or affect her judgment. She is graceful and dignified, well-spoken, and a shrewd negotiator.


Una Rethwi is Gual’ta’s third child and one of his top lieutenants, managing the weapons and vehicle trade directly. She is his eldest child by his wife, Shinna Kal’antes, heiress to the Kal’antes Syndicate ryll mine on Ryloth.

Una studied medicine on Nar Shaddaa, and both a surgeon and a toxicologist. While she has accepted her role as the weapons merchant for the family with equanimity, it is obvious that she trained with an eye toward the spice trade, though she and her father have never spoken of this publicly.

Wraiy considers her the most trustworthy of Big Lash’s children, but not by much; she’s notoriously difficult to deal with and doesn’t budge an inch on negotiations.


Una Rethwi

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