Wraiy Frubhoy

From wide-eyed optimism to thousand yard stare.


Wraiy Frubhoy was just a kid scraping by in the Coruscant undercity when he stumbled into the Dragons Beta base, revealing a previously-unknown secret entrance that led to the capture of an Imperial spy. He grew up chasing an earnest desire to make the galaxy a better place, often stowing along uninvited to assist the Dragons Beta in their missions.

Wraiy barely survived the destruction of Chembeth Base, escaping into the undercity but heavily wounded and slowly dying. The distress signal he managed to set was eventually tracked by Bors Brynheld, who got him to the Dragons base in time to save his life, if not all of his body. Cybernetic prosthetics and vat-grown organs kept him alive, and over time he recovered, at least physically.

The youthful optimism was cut out of him like every other shredded organ, but Wraiy’s need to fight for a better world burned hotter. He joined the Rebellion proper and became a recon scout, rising in the ranks and ultimately coming to lead the New Rebellion’s forward recon division.

Wraiy is currently a Colonel and senior strategist for military intelligence in the New Rebellion. He is a surly, cynical man who is nevertheless often right when it comes to matters of tactical intelligence and rumor verification.


Wraiy Frubhoy

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