Braxem Caster


Good intentions, bad influence

Braxem Caster was a rogue Jedi who crossed paths with the Dragons Beta on several occasions, intent as he was on the destruction of Shiag’nath Duomlye for the death of his mentor. Caster had been trained in the Force by Paye Donno, a padawan who had survived the Jedi Purge and gone into hiding, later emerging and calling himself a Jedi Knight. Caster had become one of his students, developing a flair for dual wielding lightsabers, and it was this flashy combat style that drew Duomlye’s attention. He attacked and killed Donno and his two students to drain their power, but Caster managed to escape, swearing vengeance on the Force vampire.

Having unfinished training from a questionable master didn’t stop Caster from naming himself a Jedi Knight, and his vengeful anger and lack of knowledge were a sure path to the Dark Side. Despite this, he refused to join the Dragons Beta, considering them “do-gooders” not sufficiently focused enough on an endgame. Despite this, it was Jester Deathgaunt who slew Shiag’nath Duomlye, not Braxem; a fact that would stick in his throat forever after.

When Erek Dravon had finally recovered from the destruction of Chembeth Base and his battle with Keltos Akoona he joined forces with Caster, heading to the Outer Rim to hunt down the remaining Jedikan.

Braxem Caster

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