Dragons Reborn


A new generation of notoriety and inconceivable victory.

The Dragons Reborn began as the mercenary crew of the Paramour, captained by Reese Cirosso and underwritten by Vleen Kenu. While in the employ of archaeologist Salene Fulsom (and — unknowingly — the New Rebellion) the crew found themselves on an unexpectedly heroic path that brought them into conflict with the Empire and thrust them into the role of unlikely heroes. After nail-biting successes, gut-wrenching failures, and the sustained streak of iron independence for which they have come to be known, the crew were dubbed “the Dragons Reborn” by the old soldiers of the original Dragons, and serve as sovereign soldiers in this new galactic civil war.

Their current base is the Dragons’ Lair, a hollowed-out asteroid orbiting Credquant in the Toydaria Sector and onetime home of Ohmin Dest’ll.


Dragons Reborn

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