Twisted versions of Jedi padawans used as cannon fodder

Jedikan were the secret weapon of the Dragonslayers; Force-sensitive Dark Jedi padawans trained by Keltos Akoona (and later Shiag’nath Duomlye and SurKa Croym) in the use of lightsabers and offensive Force skills. Raised up to think of themselves as the heirs to the Jedi fighting against enemies of the Empire and drenched in fanaticism for their cause, the Jedikan were actually intended as powerful cannon fodder to be thrown at the Dragons en masse in the hopes that sheer weight of numbers with lightsabers might be able to bring down powerful Jedi like Galen Kain or Ether Palpatine. One of the more powerful Dark Jedi would generally serve as battle master, linking minds with his troops and leading them as a single unit in the destruction of one Jedi.

Most of the Jedikan perished in the destruction of Chembeth Base; those who survived were abandoned by the Empire, fleeing to far corners of the galaxy. Many were hunted down by Erek Dravon and Braxem Caster in the Outer Rim, but occasionally small groups of former Jedikan still surface, attempting to learn more of the ways of the Force.



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