Travnin Azeon Temple


Lasting just long enough to reveal some secrets.

This unnamed Azeon temple once existed on Travnin, and was the site of Azeon Jondyn‘s training under Azeon Master Quan Kustu. It was located within a mountain, and its stone door entrance declared that only an Azeon might enter, as the mechanism for entry was a secret known only to Kustu’s students.

Though long abandoned, the temple had been adorned with several statues made of stacked stones, each of which triggered a psychic trial for Jondyn that revealed memories when overcome. Once Jondyn had successfully completed each of the trials he was briefly greeted by the Force ghosts of Master Kustu and Gideon Costelle before the temple began to collapse, revealing an archaic turbolift as the last means of escape.


Travnin Azeon Temple

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